Have a picnic at the slightest excuse.
— James Beard, The Art of Entertaining
Picknicky is a tickling word, like persnickety or peakedy, and the Oxford Pocket Dictionary says that it may be used to express the desire we have, especially in good weather, to “indulge in a pleasure excursion including an outdoor meal.” I agree. I feel picknicky at the very sound of it. Italian and French dictionaries stipulate a few more conditions about picknick-ing (the Petit Larousse, for instance, says that a pique-nique is a meal which everyone helps pay for), but there is one firm mutual requirement: any picnic must be eaten outdoors, al fresco, en plein air. I agree with this, as a serious disciple of the art of eating and drinking under trees, on rocks and logs, beside brooks, in and on dunes of both beach and desert, and even in caves. There is a subtle yet blunt difference though, between a true picnic and a meal eaten, no matter how delightfully, in the fresh air. A true picnic must be carried away from human dwellings, and it must be kept simple....A True picnic must have a certain amount of hazard about it: rough ground, stones, ants - It must be eaten, too, in the company of at least one or a great many.
— M.F.K. Fisher, "The Pleasures of Picnics". Harper's Bazaar, July 1957


When: Various summer evenings

Where:  Secret location (subscribe to our mailing list to find out where).

Bring: Food & Drinks: for yourself or to share. Whatever works.  In our efforts to avoid disposables, we have limited plates and utensils, so you may want to bring your own.  And water,  always bring water.

And Bring: Picnic blankets, knitting and craft projects, random musical instruments, your friends and relatives, kids and their friends, Frisbees, kites, pogo sticks, mitts, balls, stilts, unicycles, water/Nerf guns, jump ropes, etc.

Details: Use your judgement regarding the weather, no need to RSVP (in fact its discouraged - surprise us!), but don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.  And remember, we are just a bunch of small picnics that happen to be located in the same place! What a coincidence!!


*The 2016 picnic season is over, but we are already planning 2017, which we will kick off with a soup party in January and a Midsommar celebration in late June.  If you would like to participate, subscribe to our email list and we will get in touch early next year with all the details.