July 18th, 2013

Do you like Bikram Yoga? Then you'll love tonight's picnic!  

Despite the searing heat, we are going to defy the weather, round up some squirt guns, and head to our favorite spot in the park where it is bound to be at least 10 degrees cooler.  Frankly, I see the balmy temperature as a huge upside, for where else can you overindulge on Spanish delicacies all evening and leave the park having actually lost weight because you sweat so much? Everyone wins!

So if you're brave, have no air conditioning, or just love sweating - come join us! There will be chilled gazpacho, tortilla española, kale salad, lentils, cazuelitas de bacalao, and plenty of icy cold beverages (watermelon-mint agua fresca, anyone?).  Rumor has it there may also be flan.  And that's just the stuff I know about.

To you, Weather, I say: Bring It.  This isn't over.


Hello Friends:

I have to say, as we were pushing the picnic cart toward Central Park with our sweaty, borderline-dehydrated children in tow last Thursday, they asked me who was coming to our picnic.  I had no choice but to answer, "possibly no one and we probably shouldn't be out here either, the radio says it's dangerous!!!"  But we had a full Spanish meal to consume and we were going to do it outside, goddammit!  I figured if no one showed, we would get some quality family time in (of the cranky, sweaty, whiny type), so why not?

As we started unloading, people started to trickle in.  People from Queens!  And Jersey!  People on tandem bikes, and a friend I hadn't seen in ages. And of course, my hard-core PS87 picnic crew, bringing things like, Spanish lentils, prosciutto wrapped melon, chorizo, empanadas and cold beer. Soon we were close to 20 adults and an uncountable number of children who were roaming in packs.  I won't lie to you, it was freaking hot out.  Like having a picnic in one of those saunas at Spa Castle, but that only made us closer. Like we were some kind of Olympic picnic team.